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Hatch Show Print - Phantom Power Wetlands Preserve Show

Hatch Show Print - Phantom Power Wetlands Preserve Show

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Poster is:  14” x 22” on letterpress stock.

Hatch Show Print reprinted a new run of this poster using the same letterpress setting as the original.

To commemorate the release of the Phantom Power box set and the anniversary of the album release we are re-releasing the iconic poster from the Wetlands Preserve Show from the Phantom Power tour.

This poster was re-printed by the original print shop Hatch Show Print , and was letter set by hand.

This run of posters features a 2023 copyright date and an updated colorway in the classic Phantom Power Gold.

The products of Hatch Show Print have always been designed and printed by hand in Nashville, Tennessee.

The shop’s enduring design and production approach is a handmade mainstay in a world of digital design. Specializing in limited-runs of posters in which one designer oversees the entire process from start to finish, including the packing and shipping of the posters, Hatch Show Print’s history of commercial printing continues with the commemorative works of art printed in the shop today.

Sharing long-standing relationships with Grand Ole Opry stars and the Ryman Auditorium, among other historic Nashville landmarks, Hatch Show Print’s posters are woven into the fabric of Music City and beyond. The shop’s reach extends as far as the touring musicians who have traveled with their show posters and as far as the music venues throughout the country and internationally that have ordered their prints for upcoming performances. To see a poster from Hatch Show Print is to see the visual history of Nashville, Tennessee, the Southern United States, and the nation as a whole


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